Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Seaman Jobs

Living onboard a cruise ship is a dream for me before. Seeing Part of the world for free?Of course free!!! Because once you become a cruise ship crew, you'll travel anywhere and everywhere the ship goes. Ship's destination vary depending on the demands of the market. Every destination has their own unique, especially in culture, landscape view, and tourism site. Passenger usually take a city tour or visiting a beautiful place in the country where the ship stop by. Crew can do the same as passenger, but it has to be passenger first. Usually crew has their own favorite place like visiting crew's station( a place/store which provide internet service, calling card, snacks, and foods), movie theatre, and take a local tour. If you are interested in working on a cruise ship, you can email me and i'll tell you how. If you live in indonesia you can try this site or this one to get more information about the offering jobs.


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